Put A Little Fright In Your Night!


This spirited and spooky ghost hunt will take you to the haunting grounds of Bugsy Siegel, Liberace, Redd Foxx and Elvis Presley. Renowned ghost hunter, Robert George Allen, now makes it possible for you to visit such eerie sites by offering a guided ghost hunt, featuring Sin City’s Darkest Ghostly Secrets.

Haunted Vegas Ghost Hunt includes ghost investigations in 5 Vegas locations. First your guide will pass out ghost hunting equipment that includes EMF meters, temperature guns and dowsing rods. After instructions on their use, you will dine in and investigate a haunted Las Vegas pizza parlor. Next you will be then be taken to a spooky local bridge which is now the ghostly hangout to two restless spirits. You will also visit two different haunted parks with five resident ghosts.

The tour covers such sites as the “Motel of Death,” where numerous celebrity deaths have occurred and a visit to the former home of a Las Vegas legend Redd Foxx, where his ghost continues to haunt despite numerous attempts to exorcise him.

Guests receive a FREE set of “Ghost Finder” dowsing rods, the use of professional ghost hunting equipment and get to enjoy a complimentary pizza party in a haunted pizzeria. Also included is a discount coupon book for future tours and events.

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